Thursday, January 3, 2013


Resolutions IMG_1221 I haven't written down any resolution for 2013. I know I still have to, want to lose about 10 pounds. I would love to learn to knit better. Would love to learn how to crochet. I want to improve my photography skills. I want to read more. I want to spend more time with my family.

IMG_1225 The one thing I am sure, is that I want to continue running and that I even want... to run a half marathon in 2013!! It scares me to write it but I so want to try! I am going to start training towards that goal soon and will let you know how it goes!! (P.S. These photos were taken with my Iphone while out on a run near home)



SKC said...

Beautiful snowy scenes. Well done for getting out in that for a run. Good luck with your half marathon goal.

Margaret said...

Gorgeous snow shots! I want to ramp up my running this year, too! Good luck with your goals. :)

pakosta said...

those scenery photos are AMAZING!
I am so in love with them!!!

Susan Beth said...

You will do great with the half marathon - I did my first one ever - my first running race ever - last May, and I'm a good 50 pounds overweight. You can do it, I know! And you are assured of beating my slow time. Although I did run every step of it, but I was slow.

Tracie Gibbs said...

You will do an amazing job with all of your goals Celine!

My 365 Project said...

Pretty snow scenes!