Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hope you had wonderful holidays. I had 10 days off that I spent baking and enjoying time with family.

During that time, we had a huge snowstorm, 43 cms of snow (almost 17 inches of snow) so I spent a lot of time shoveling too!!









Nicki said...

Best time to have snow is when you are off of work - no worries. That is a lot of snow! Love the selfie too.

Sophie said...

it looks like a complete and utter winter wonderland. i am so jealous! i am dying for it to snow here! love your photos!

pat said...

Just as well you were off work...that would've been a bear to commute in! Looks so beautiful, but I know how cold it must've been. Good for you for getting out in that blowing snow!

Margaret said...

Brrrrr! We had a lot of snow over the Christmas break, also. So beautiful, but so cold!!

Tracie Gibbs said...

That is a ton of snow, and so pretty! Wish you could send me some;)

My 365 Project said...

Oh my look at all that snow!

susan beth said...

Love the snow on your hat - so fun to get out in the white winter wonderland.