Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Instagram Wednesday

Early morning traffic

IMG_1266 Lunch run in Old Montreal IMG_1272 Jacques Cartier Bridge IMG_1273 Cool old building in Old Montreal IMG_1274 Road Trip IMG_1297 View of Montreal IMG_1300


Maria C said...

Celine: The photo of the "cool old building" made me smile. All I saw were the blue umbrellas! I read some of your other recent posts. I'm with you. I. Do. Not. Like. Winter! Dark, dark, dark! Nope. Not a fan.

Susan Beth said...

that is a cool old building! Love the first photo of traffic too - shows the city in a way that feels alive.

The Gardencat said...

Your pictures always leave me wondering, many of the spots look familiar, but I can't quite name the street.
Did you see any of the results of the big water main burst there two days ago?

Nicki said...

Love your street scenes - neat!