Monday, October 8, 2012

Philadelphia Day 1 - Part 1

After spending a week in Cape May, we stayed in Philadephia for 2 days. We have been to Philadephia a couple of times before. It's a beautiful city!!

We arrived early afternoon and left right away to explore and walk the city!

Bus stop
IMG_6975 copy
Beautiful pink roses in a garden IMG_6978_edited-1
a French cafe
Cool buildings
IMG_6987_edited-1 IMG_6989_edited-1 IMG_6991_edited-1
Philly Cheesesteak
Christ Church


My 365 Project said...

I like all the old buildings.

susan Beth said...

Oh, so much fun! Love the church and the bus stop!

Stephanie said...

oh that French Cafe is just adorable. I could sit there all day long!

Nicki said...

What a pretty bus stop. Based on the nasty part of the city that the train travels through getting from here to New England, these pictures better explain everyone's fascination with Philadelphia.

Kelly said...

I've never been to Philly. Between your Cape May shots and now Philly I think I really must plan a spring trip.