Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cape May Day 1

First of my many posts on our trip to Cape May!!

On our way to Cape May, Ben prepared lunch for us... on the hood of our car!!!

We rented an appartment 10 minutes walking distance from the beach and 10 minutes walking distance from the center of the village. The appartment was clean and cute! IMG_6644_edited-1 Near our rental, there was this cute store IMG_6628_edited-1

IMG_6631_edited-1 We went for a short walk before supper - view from the boardwalk of the beautiful houses IMG_6629_edited-1

Loved their flag!
Beautiful house near our rental IMG_6632_edited-1 The cute marina IMG_6649_edited-1

I want this bike!
and I want to live on that street! IMG_6656_edited-1


Jennifer Mims said...

I googled where this was to see if I could ever go:) Beautiful!!!

Susan Beth said...

What a great looking get-a-way spot! Love the harbor.

Margaret said...

What a fun and colorful vacation spot!