Thursday, October 27, 2011

Times Square in the dark

Can't believe that a week ago I was in the Big Apple again!! I'm so glad my vertigo waited until I got back to town to hit me!!IMG_2273_edited-1
I don't really like crowds, but for Times Square, I will handle the big crowds!!
Day 4 of vertigo and I am starting to feel a bit better - mornings are still bad, but I get a bit of relief in the afternoon. Hopefully I will be back to work next week! And hopefully, to the gym within a week or two! I miss it!


pat said...

WONDERFUL low-light shots, Celine. Of course, with all that neon, it's hard to call Times Square "low light". Glad you are starting to feel a little steadier.

StayBank said...

Times Square -- looks like 5PM.