Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yarmouth Port

After visiting Sandwich for a couple of hours, we drove a bit and stopped at Yarmouth Port.
On our way, we had to stop when I saw this old train!

and then this Old Village Store!

I think this was in Yarmouth, the sidewalks with memorials to lost loved ones I guess.

Another house I would love to live in!

Outside a museum - a cute little whale!

and Ben outside a huge old tree (where we were eaten alive by mosquitoes!)


Margaret said...

So many picturesque buildings! Love that old train car!

Amanda said...

I love the porch on that house and the big tree! Great captures...they really capture the atmosphere :)

Nicki said...

That train is awesome and the tree - so intriguing.

Suzy said...

Very cool! I looove that old train! I wish I could photograph a family on it! And that tree is awesome to!

Maria said...

Wow! I wonder what kind of tree that is . . .

Love the first country store. It looks like something out of Petticoat Junction. Did you ever see that show?