Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today is a very special day. Today is my dad's birthday. Bonne fête papa!! Je t'aime! xoxo

2. We will be celebrating on Saturday his birthday and I will be baking something yummy (I hope!), of course!!

3. Saturday, I asked Ben to go for a drive and visit Finnegan's Market in Hudson. It's a huge market, with lots of antiques. I will post more about this visit soon!
Finnegan's Market, Hudson

4. I bought three things at the market - my fave is an old camera. I have always wanted a collection and I just started one!! :)

5. It has been very humid the last few weeks. We go out at lunch time a few minutes to warm up from the cold air conditioning of the office, and then we go shopping!  This is one of the downtown shopping centre we visit every lunch time!


6. Saturday night had a nice bbq with a great friend. I had gone to Chinatown the day before, so decided to try to make some spring rolls. Didn't take any photos as they were quite ugly since it was the first time making rolls! But they tasted great!!


7. Sunday, we went for a short walk in Ile Bizard. We didn't stay long as we were attacked by mosquitoes!! They were quite hungry!!


8. I have started reading Running for Women - great read for any women interested in running! And I bought it for my ipad - so it's even better!!

9. Talking about running, I ran another 7 km last Sunday. It was tough because it was very humid, but at least the sun was hiding! This morning, I ran 5 km. I am running twice a week and would love to make time for another run during the week.

10. WW - gained .4. I only have 5 pounds to lose to be a lifetime member again. Don't know if I will ever make it, but it's my goal!!


Nicki said...

so many wonderful pictures - I can't wait to see more from the antiquing. Happy Birthday to your papa.

Amanda said...

I can see why the mosquitos would be lying in wait, that lake looks awfully still...a breeding ground for them. Gorgeous shots though. Congrats on increasing your running distance, that's always exciting :)

pat said...

Can't wait to see your new-to-you camera! What a find!!

Angela2932 said...

Mosquitos, huh? The bane of my existence! Even worse than our winter woes. . . .
Does your new camera work? It will be fun to see your shots of it!

Beth said...

My 13yo DD would love that mall, LOL! Good for you with the running. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

Esther said...

I love the escalator shot....and the blurred movement. Civilization! :) The fruit shot is amazing and so colorful. Good luck with that last 5 lbs, you can do it! Oh, and I think the new camera deserves it's own photo shoot and blog post!! Can't wait to see it!

Maria said...

Happy birthday to your papa. 5K? That's wonderful! You'll make it Celine!

Anonymous said...

Celine, I recently bought a vintage camera as well, hoping to start a small collection. Congrats on your run, and you can do those last 5 pounds!!