Monday, July 11, 2011

Ste-Catherine at 7 a.m. vs 1 p.m.

I get downtown quite early - 6h30 if I go to the gym and 7h30 if I go straight to work. At that time, there are not too many people on Ste-Catherine Street... just many cars!


At lunch time, it's a different story...

Lots of people - tourists, workers, etc.

Lots of construction... (just noticed that you can see the building where I work on this shot - the tall one in the back)


Janett said...

These are my favorite type of shots, just ones showing regular life. That second one is my favorite!

Beth said...

I like seeing where you live and work almost as much as your trip photos. It makes me feel like I am really there.

Amanda said...

I think it is neat that you take pictures everyday on your way to work. It must be nice to be able to walk...I notice the same thing when I drive to work, much less commotion in the morning!

Yolanda said...

Fun! I love your city!

Nicki said...

I like the first shot - sort of a throw-back type of scene. The others are very 'real life' captures, well done.