Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Had a wonderful weekend – almost felt like Spring. Went for a long walk on Sunday afternoon – so many people enjoying the weather!


2. Yesterday, didn’t check the weather forecast, came to work in shoes… and it snowed most of the day!! Yeah for Spring!!

3. Saturday night, watched The Fighter. I am not a big fan of boxing – but we loved this movie! Even watched the extras on the dvd to learn more!

4. Last Sunday was the 187th Montreal St-Patrick’s parade. I went a couple of years ago and loved it – except for the fact that it attracts a lot of people, and a lot of them have had a few drinks…! I wanted so bad to go this year, but we didn’t make it. Hopefully next year!

5. I am trying to teach myself how to crochet… and it’s not working! I know how to knit a bit, but crochet looks so complicated! I spent an hour last night trying – all I managed to do was a chain stitch – a very long one!

6. Went to WW today at lunch. Had a wonderful lunch… but my weight didn’t budge at all. The good news is that I didn’t gain!

WW Hopeful

7. Still running – sometimes 3k, sometimes 5k. Still trying to do 5 kms under 30 minutes. It is so hard! This morning wanted to run, but my knee was hurting a bit, so walked on an incline instead. Will try again tomorrow!

8. I’m in the mood for a good burger on the BBQ. Hopefully the snow will melt by the weekend and we can grill some meat!

9. Finished my Week 1 class from MLK. Just have to download my photos and have them looked at to see if I am doing it right. Haven’t downloaded them yet on the site, maybe because I am scared of what he will say about my photos ;)

10. My cat is crazy – it’s a good thing she is cute because she drives me crazy!! She just wants my attention ALL OF THE TIME (even in the middle of the night!!) ;)

Killer Cat

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Five Baht Elephant said...

Ah! We saw the Fighter this weekend too. It was great.

How's the crochet? My mom taught me forever ago, but I've only been knitting recently. *I heart handmade!*

And I'd love to hear how the MLK course is going (and see your progress if you share).

Good luck!
Happy Spring!