Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Philadelphia - Doors and More

I have a thing for doors, old buildings and alleys... especially when they have character!!

So much to see in Philly - so many alleys

So many colors
Tiny Restaurant

and so many doors!

Red Door & Gate

More Stairs

Flowers & Flags




Red & Green


Margaret said...

All these are so colorful and picturesque. Love the mural on the wall and the winding staircase. Such beautiful details in all these pictures!

Esther said...

Gorgeous architecture! I love doors and alley ways too. Too bad we don't have too many of those in Nome. I'll live through these photos though. Just beautiful!

Maria said...

These pictures are such a treat! You are really showing us a beautiful side of Philadelphia! I wonder what it is about doors that is so fascinating, I love them, too!

Nicki said...

Love these doors - especially on the row houses. This is a much better taken on Philadelphia than I've gotten while riding the train through Phili. That view is very depressed, vandalized, abandoned. This is much much better. Thank you for sharing.

Amy said...

Love the color...that first shot is gorgeous.

pat said...

Love love love these! I am with you on doors and windows; some of my favorite stuff, too. If you ever make it to Seattle, you would LOVE the Pioneer Square are--it is an architectural treasure trove.