Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 3 - the Ocean

Day 3 of our vacation was mostly spent at the beach.  A lot of relaxing and a lot of reading was done!

This was the path we took several times a day to get to the beach - loved this covered path!
Favorite Path

Just loved the beach early in the morning, with only a few people around!
Kitty Hawk

Beach Love

Don't you feel like fishing??!! Used PW's 70s actions for the next three shots
Wanna Fish?

Empty Beach

Chairs on the Beach

Kitty Hawk

Spent some time too picking up some pretty shells

This was a nostalgic moment for me - we went to see the motel we used to go to with my parents when we were kids - it hasn't changed much!
Sea Kove, Kitty Hawk


pat said...

Groan---I am SO wishing I were there on that beach!!! Love those shots; you really captured the flavor-especially the beach chairs. Really like the pathway shot with those incredible light rays. I like the way the end of the path is just brilliant light---because the beach IS just like Heaven, right? Go to the light, go to the light ;-)

Beth said...

Those are so pretty! I am a sucker for a path to any place, but esp to the beach!

Yolanda said...

Love that first shot!!! What a beautiful beach!

Suzy said...

Beautiful path pic! Loove that lovely light streaming through the trees! And gorgeous beach photos! I really like the chair shots to. Surprised to see them empty at such a pretty place!