Friday, December 18, 2009

Who doesn't like Rice Krispies Squares??!!

Made these squares to bring to the office - and since I don't really like baking after a long day at the office - decided to try these Marshmallow-Crisp-Microwave-Rice-Krispies-Squares-129168 - they are made in the microwave - so superfast to make!! ;) Also added some small m&ms to sweeten the squares!! I think they were enjoyed... I hope so anyway!! ;)

I was off today - I'm having 10 people over tomorrow for my brother's birthday. I prepared two lasagnas, baked two breads (in the bread machine), made some vanilla cupcakes, some vanilla icing, another batch of caramel in a can, three loads of wash - oh also made a cheesecake... I am dead tired now!! ;)


Sharon said...

LOVE rice crispy treats. And the microwave rocks for making them.

I love to add chocolate chips because the chocolate melts
and makes it all chocolatey. I have even used metal
cookie cutter to cut out shapes and decorate. With the leftover pieces, you roll up and call them snowballs. My nephew is crazy for them.

Nicki, said...

Dirt would taste better with M&Ms - whats not to love - choc covered with choc! Sounds like you are a busy bee - happy birthday to your brother and have a lovely weekend. We're supposed to get snow so we are planning to bake all weekend. Maybe I'll attempt pictures as well. :)

Chell said...

they looks great... Now I need to go get a treat for my sweet tooth

Beth said...

I have never made these in the microwave. Mmm. My hubby calls rice crispy treats his "crack" because he can not help himself!

Suzy said...

Thats it the next time I need a quick and easy treat recipe I'm coming to your blog! I can't believe you can microwave these! Awesome and they look good!

Angela2932 said...

Wow! You are like wonder woman! I like how you arranged the krispie treats with bright red ornaments! Your brother should be very impressed. Can I have some lasagna?