Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toronto Santa Claus Parade

Last Sunday in Toronto was cold - but that didn't stop families, couples, friends and kids to gather in downtown Toronto to see the Santa Claus parade!! We didn't stay to see the parade - but had fun seeing all the people waiting for the big event!!

Love the tree hats!!

Cute reindeer!

A lot of people bring chairs, warm blankets... and even some ladders and wood to make higher seats!! Impressive!

Nothing better than spending time with your best friend while waiting for the parade!

Saw this cute guy on the street and had to take his photo :)

I think the wait is getting to be a bit long for this cutie!

Lots of Santa hats!

Even a Santa Claus wanna be is there waiting!!

Even sleeping bags are brought to keep warm!! Love her hat!

Lots of signs to attract the attention of the big guy!

Having fun while waiting for the parade...

Looking for the parade??!!

Brrrrrr... so cold!! :)


Sharon said...

We used to go to the parade in Detroit. It was always so cold but the hot chocolate was good.

Angela2932 said...

Your city looks like so much fun! I think that cute guy was thinking you're cute too! That blinky car is hysterical, and I like how into the santa parade it looks like everyone gets.

Amy said...

What a fun parade, I love all of the bright colors and festivity! The little girl in the stroller (first pic) just cracks me up, she's all bundled up, so much that it looks like she can't even move! :)

pat said...

Celine, I have the chills just looking at all those folks bundled up against the cold! The Blinky car is a HOOT! What a find. And B sure does look cute...;-)