Friday, November 21, 2008

Signs of Toronto

I love signs - so whenever I see one I like, and I have my camera handy... gotta take a photo!!

Italian restaurant

Love the bubbles of this dry cleaner!

Great name for a pastry shop but I think it's more of a bistro!

A graffiti on a wall - very touching!

Too bad this was closed when we passed by... :(

Cool sign!

Love hot dog stands - don't have them in Montreal!

So true!!!

Great name for a designer shop!


Margaret said...

Such a variety of interesting, colorful signs. Love how you captured all of these!

Sharon said...

I love signage too! Nice captures!

Becky said...

You find the coolest stuff!
How come no hot dog carts in Montreal? Does the city not allow them?

Jess said...

Those are all so clever! We don't have cool, clever signs like that here!

Angela2932 said...

You've done a great job of spotting these signs! Very nice collection. . . thanks for sharing.

pat said...

I love all these signs! The bubbles on the dry cleaners are just a hoot, and I love that idea of calling a bakery The Last Temptation. My Spell-Check Alter-Ego popped up on the Tienamen Square art--too bad they mispelled "break", right before "ignorant". Made me laugh...I am so bad.

Chell said...

Wow I love seeing all these signs. So glad you shared them with us.. I need to be on the look out for fun signs now!!