Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Biggest Loser Tuesday

It has already been a month... I am a bit discouraged because I don't see any changes. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and it's a slower process... :(

The good news is that I did lose a pound though!! :)

My plan for this week:

Go to the gym 4 times
Work on positive thinking!! ;)


pat said...

A pound counts! Remember, you will hit plateaus where you slow down. Don't get discouraged and hang in there. YOu're doing a great job.

Sharon said...

I love the B&Ws.

I am finding the process slow as well. As long as the numbers keep going down or at least not up, I feel it's good. The weight didn't pop on overnight,

You can do it!!

Amy said...

I really like your progress shots! Keep at it, a pound gone is in the right direction! :)

Kristen Wagner Penn said...

A pound is a pound! I admire your persistance and wish you the best!

Ginnie said...

Progress is progress. Looks to me like you are doing great! :)

Lou said...

Hang in there!!

Angela2932 said...

You're looking good, Celine. Don't give up; you're changing a lifestyle; 1 lb in a month may not be instant gratification, but think about if it was a gain of a lb, . . . a month. . . for a year. . . .or two. You're doing fantastic!