Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Washington Square Park and Flatiron Building - New York

Flatiron Building is such a cool building! Would love to see what it looks like inside!!




Love Washington Square Park! On this beautiful day, it was packed!! IMG_8852_edited-1


There was even a piano player!! IMG_8859_edited-1


Nicki said...

That first shot is one of the best I've seen of the Flatiron building. Great city shots all around.

Elaine said...

Good morning,
Lovely Flation building. My son also took photos of this building while he was on holiday in US. His blog at Jeremykid.photographer.

Maria C said...

I love the angle of the first photo! I had never seen the Flatiron Building like this! Nice job!

pat said...

The Flatirion building is such an iconic NY imgae. I would love to see the inside also, especially the rooms/offices that are on the front curve of the building. Nice!!

The Gardencat said...

Love that first shot of the flatiron building also. It manages to convey the extreme shape of the building while still grounding it in it's surrounding area (if that babble makes any sense).
I also like the piano player picture... a piano on wheels...makes me wonder about the story behind it.
Where did it come from? Where does it go home to at night and how does it get there?

Sharon Collins Photography said...

OH fab shots of the Flatiron building.