Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quebec City Part 5

Doors, doors and more doors! You can say I've got a thing for doors ;)





IMG_8513 copy



Brenda said...

I am enjoying your Quebec City photos. It's somewhere I would like to visit some day.

Stephanie said...

So many different designs and cool.

Margaret said...

Love all those colors and textures!

Susan Beth said...

Oh love the pink doors!

The Gardencat said...

I love doors too but find them tough to photograph, It's hard for me to decide how much surround to take with them to best set them off. You have certainly found some interesting ones here.

Nicki said...

With so many great ones to choose from I'd be photographing doors endlessly. These are great - I was totally sold on the first one until I scrolled further down - so cool!

SKC said...

Fabulous doors. A favourit subject of mine too!