Thursday, March 14, 2013

Off to Work

I still have some photos in my camera that I haven't downloaded...  meanwhile, I have lots of photos from my Iphone that I can share!!

These were taken on my way to work early morning!


IMG_1311 I just love this old building!! IMG_1305


For those who asked about Instaweather, it's a free ap that finds your location and the weather and adds it to the photo of your choice!


The Gardencat said...

Thanks for the info yesterday's app. Those were some great shots that you used as the backgrounds.

I love looking at you daily shots so many look familiar but I often can't match them up with a name or a street but the last one today has to be the back (or side?) Of Mary, Queen of the World.

My Corner Of The World said...

I like the nice warm tones on the third one!

Aliza Anderson Photography said...

I love the old architectural images I love the color in them as well!

Susan Beth said...

Those black and white images remind me of going with my grandma to pick my grandpa up at the train back in the 60's. Such a great conversion you did!

Maria C said...

Great photos! They have a universal quality about them that in a way could have been taken in any large city . . . until you see that beautiful church!