Friday, February 22, 2013

At least it's Friday!

Been a long week. Cold days and more snow.


Can't wait to open my front door and smell and see Spring!! IMG_8186_edited-1

P.S. This is not my front door, nor my street!! LOL!


Nicki said...

I find that first shot very cheery - granted, I am not hauling my sorry butt through all that snow and therefore not finding it as appealing - but I love the contrast or boost with the colorful houses. And you have a most attractive front door. Hang in there, Spring is just around the corner.

susan beth said...

Love the colorful condos!

The Gardencat said...

As I remember, hauling your butt through the snow is less of a problem than finding a place to put the car on the days they are doing snow clearing. It's hard enough to find a parking spot in the summer. once the snow flies it used to be a real challenge.

Love the Fleur de Lys above the door.

Stephanie said...

Those row houses are so cute...even with the snow. I had to giggle when you posted it wasn't your front door - good thing the owners didn't come out while you were taking the picture ;)

Angela2932 said...

I love that you are still doing doors, and these are awesome!