Friday, December 28, 2012


I haven't posted on my blog for too long!! The last few weeks have been crazy busy and I had no time or energy to take photos :(


But I am back :) and with cupcakes too!! :)

I was in charge of dessert on Christmas eve - made Martha's white cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes - mmmmm!!!

and I tried my hand with working with fondant... still have a lot to learn!!
IMG_7810 copy

For my first try, I think they are not too bad... they do look like Christmas trees, no?!! ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends!



Maria C said...

I made cupcakes for Christmas Eve, too, and thought I'd be really clever and really pile the frosting up high . . . not so clever when the whole thing came tumbling down. I've never worked with fondant but just reading the instructions tires me out. Yours turned out really cute!

SKC said...

Oh so yummy.

Nicki said...

Good to see you back - and with cupcakes - yeah! You did a very good job with the fondant.