Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hummingbird Coffee Cake

Hadn't baked a cake in a long time!!  When friends invite me over, I usually bake some cupcakes, but this time, was in the mood for cake!


So glad I tried this recipe!! This is one delicious cake!! Thanks to the amazing recipe from Annie's Eats!! Everyone loved it!
Didn't get a chance to take a photo of a slice - will do for sure next time!! IMG_7569_edited-1
The glaze is soooo tasty!! IMG_7567_edited-1
Hummingbird Coffee Cake
from www.annies-eats.com
Yield: about 16 servings


Stephanie said...

yummy! Glad you included the recipe.

My 365 Project said...

Yummy! Looks and sounds wonderful! I have heard of a frosted hummingbird cake but the coffee cake one is new to me.

Nicki said...

it looks like you frosted it with snow - yummy!

Nikki said...

Oh!! I wanna make this! You made it look scrumptious!! : )