Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Iphone Photos

Some more photos taken from my Iphone during my vacation!

Early morning beach shots while on a run IMG_0493

IMG_0504 Sand in my shoes!! IMG_0512

Running path in the sand
IMG_0513 Rocks and shells IMG_0515 Beach time! IMG_0481 Freckles and sand! IMG_0483


IMG_0470 Missing lifeguards... at 7 a.m.! IMG_0430 Cape May Boardwalk IMG_0467


My 365 Project said...

Enjoyed your beach shots. Makes me long for a walk on the beach. My fav is the shells and rocks.

Nicki said...

miss visiting the beach this summer - not for the morning jogs any more, but the walks and pictures. Love your 2nd shot.

Susan Beth said...

Looks like a great vacation - I miss the ocean! Love the shots of the sea shells and rocks.