Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cape May - Day 4

Early morning, we left to go see Cape May's lighthouse upclose and to visit Cape May Point State Park.

The paths in the park are beautiful and as it was early, we were the only ones there! IMG_6753_edited-1




Will be back with my photos of the lighthouse tomorrow!


pat said...

I look at that wonderful trail and all I can think is "Oh! What that must look like in the fall!!" Love the colors and neon intensity of that berry. So unusual! Good for you for spotting it.

Susan Beth said...

Those pink flowers are wonderful, especially with the black berries to set them off!

Margaret said...

Love those paths. Awesome seclusion! Also, I love the pink and black plant in that last shot. What amazing color!

My 365 Project said...

Love the first shot!

Nicki said...

Great paths - oh so many photo ops could be had.