Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Instagram Wednesday

Had too many photos to post in one day... so decided to do 2 instagram days this week!!

Statue from my old office building IMG_0251 Photo exhibit IMG_0252 Love these shoes! IMG_0266 So sad :( IMG_0242 IMG_0245 Early morning downtown IMG_0243 IMG_0244 Friday lunchtime run IMG_0246 Bixi - rental bikes IMG_0249 High heel run for the Fashion and Design Week (did not participate!!) IMG_0239 Pretty flower IMG_0218 Mount-Royal stairs that I try to walk up once or twice a week during lunchtime IMG_0229 and the view when I make it up those 300 stairs!! IMG_0231


susan beth said...

That high heel run doesn't even look fun! But love the stairs.

Nicki said...

your collection of shots is so revealing and entertaining. I remember the statue of people from your old building and it always fascinates me. What I don't get are people running in heels -- just says pAIN.

Anonymous said...

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