Thursday, July 12, 2012


Cool sculpture in Rene-Levesque Park - seems like it attracts a lot of birds! IMG_6112_edited-1


IMG_6108 copy


Susan Beth said...

The birds are like part of the sculpture - I wonder if the artist thought of that?

Stephanie said...

Cant decide if they look like fingers or flames or both. I love sculptures like that....apparently so do the birds ;)

Nicki said...

Interesting sculpture and odd that it attracts the number of birds (considering it looks like beaters or flames as Stephanie suggested) - silly birds.

pat said...

Oh for Pete's sake---that is so funny! I am sure the artist never planned on that additional embellishment to his work.

Connie said...

I also wonder how the artist feels about creating a bird playground. I hope he or she is a bird lover, LOL.
Thanks for sharing. Connie :)