Monday, April 2, 2012

Instagram Monday

My weekend in Instagram!

First BBQ of Spring!
First burger!
Hot Cross Muffins
Easter Cookies (first attempt at icing cookies... fail!)
IMG_0738 IMG_0737


Stephanie said...

1st BBQ of the season is always the burgers off the favorite!

Nicki said...

Yeah! Spring has reached your neck of the woods. Love BBQ meals - but oddly we found we never used our grill and got rid of it (have a travel sized one that I pull out). Fun instagrams (your Easter cookies look similar to some I've had in the past).

joscelyne cutchens said...

i love that first shot. a little sun flare makes my heart happy. I also love icing cookies. :) check out bake at 350 blog for helpful tips. :) (but even "icing fail" cookies still taste good!)

Angela2932 said...

Mmmmm, burgers! We just had our first yesterday too,but they were buffalo burgers! Umm, don't be offended, but your cookie icing is funny! But do again, and you'll keep getting better.