Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Yeah!! Made it again this week!! Just finished taking the last pic this morning to participate to the scavenger-hunt-sunday of ashleysisk!

1. Routine

5-6 times a week I go to the gym, go for a run or do an exercise dvd. It is part of my routine - that, and drinking lots of water!!

2. Music

LOVE music!! Madonna, Queen, Lady Gaga, anything that has a good beat!! This is my imitation of Madonna... Know she doesn't have any freckles... but didn't have time to photoshop them off!! ;)

3. Technology
Couldn't live without my itouch or my ipad. Use my itouch every day at the gym and read or watch movies in the bus on my way to work and back. Love new technology!!

4. Show me your style
This is me this morning - I am getting ready to go to the Olympic pool for laps. Levis Jeans and Reebook sweater.

5. Mismatch
My old camera collection - can't wait to find more old cameras!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Tamar SB said...

Love those old cameras! And I have the same routine, a day isn't complete without the gym!

Nicki said...

Well done on another week of scavenger hunt. Your Madonna shot is cute - as is your style. Love the collection of cameras. (I'm not even going to say how much I envy your commitment to the gym and drinking water - I'm doing good with 3-4 times a week and am hit and miss with the devotion to water).

Patti said...

Great job - I really need to make my routine more like yours!
Your mismatch of cameras is much like my collection from my grandpa! Love them!

kbreints said...

Your music photo gave me a laugh.... and I love your mismatch cameras :)

Brooke said...

Ohhhhh - LOOOOVE your old cameras!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Very creative with music - love that.

Lori @ Photograph Life said...

Those camera's jumped out at me! I collect them as well! Love your collection.

Kim C. said...

Love the old cameras! So impressed by your consistent workouts! I need to get there.

Angela2932 said...

Good work with scavengering! And you are doing great with your exercise committment. Cut photo with the . . . freckles!

Maria said...

Awesome, Celine! I so admire your exercise routine! And, by the way, your freckles are charming!

joscelyne cutchens said...

i love the Madonna and the your style and the old cameras! :)