Saturday, February 25, 2012

La Foule Illuminée

It has been snowing since yesterday afternoon. We shoveled a couple of times today - hopefully it is the last snowstorm of the Winter!!

Here are some detailed shots from the Foule Illuminée - Illuminated Crowd - a statue in front of my old office building.

. IMG_4155_edited-1 IMG_4154_edited-1 IMG_4151_edited-1 IMG_4149_edited-1 IMG_4146_edited-1 IMG_4144_edited-1


Nicki said...

Hey! I resemble that second shot. hehe! Interesting statutes and hope the snow ends soon (so so glad we are not dealing with that this winter -- so glad!).

Suzy said...

That statue is so cool. I love all the expressions on the characters and the details. Nice shots.