Monday, August 29, 2011

Hyannis Part 2

My favorite part of staying in Hyannis, was the fact that we were within walking distance of the main street. Every night, after supper, we would go for a long walk.


Same Candy store, but during the day.

Many beautiful white churches.

IMG_0737_edited-1 - Copie




Margaret said...

Everything there is so quaint! Love it. I really love the nighttime candy store shot. Seems so cozy and inviting!

Amanda said...

At first I thought that penny smooshing machine was one of those genie, fortune telling machines :D Great captures!

Amanda said...

(The machine in front of the candy store!)

pat said...

Oh! I love that night shot of the candy store....I just want to join everyone! What a fun looking place to visit.

Esther said...

Love the feel of that old town! And what a difference in looks between night and day...that little candy shop looks so cute at night, especially with all those people gathered on the stairs.

Suzy said...

Fantastic shots of the candy store. Love the night shot of it!