Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Saturday morning, we were up so early, I had time to go for a long run near the water. I brought my little point and shoot and tried to take some photos. Very hard to do when you are running. I ran from home to Dorval and back (about 7 kms). My next challenge is to run 8 kms.


2. Love my Nike+! Knowing how far I run is a great incentive for me!

3. Saturday was hot and humid. After doing our weekly groceries and trip to Costco, we went to my in-laws for a nice dip in the pool and a bbq! No photos of me swimming - couldn't bring the camera in the pool! We had some nice veggies and cheese - and some delicious burgers on the bbq!


4. Sunday, we were awake early (as usual!), and we decided to go for a walk at the Botanical Garden. Beautiful place to walk around (and it's free if you get there before 9!). More photos to follow!

5. Whle we were walking, I suddenly saw this little guy. So skinny but oh so cute!

6. Sunday night, we had some homemade pizza dough and decided to try it again on the BBQ. Still not perfect, a bit on the burnt side, but still very tasty!

7. Bad news of the week - our refrigerator suddenly stopped doing its job. After having to change our stove and our microwave since January, now it was time to change the refrigerator. I just hope that our washer and dryer will keep working for a bit!

8. While we were shopping for a refrigerator, we started looking at televisions. We still have a big old tv and are hoping to get a hd one soon. Not sure though if we should get a plasma or lcd. Any suggestions?

9. Got some new exercise dvds on sale yesterday:  Turbo Jam and Core Rythms. I love exercise dvds, even though I don't do them often, I like the fact that I have some at home if I decide to work out. Will let you know how fun and/or tough they are!

10. WW: three weeks in a row - a small gain. I know why - I just have to make better choices in my eating. I have been eating cheddar popcorn every day. I will try to eat some every other day. We will see how it helps!


pat said...

How fun to see that fox! He does look a little undernourished, doesn't he? Kudos on running! I HATE to run (and it shows.)

Nicki said...

Lots covered in this post - cool shadows, well done on the running, and that poor fox looks like he could use a trip to the hen house and a little water. Sorry to read of the demise of your refrigerator - sounds like my house: when it rains it pours in terms of repairs. My husband says that if you are looking towards using the TV for gaming - LCD. If for movies and sports, plasma. (he researches this stuff out the wazoo).

Maria said...

Celine, I'm cracking up about your refrigerator! I'm sorry, I know it's not funny to you, but we are in a similar situation. First, my dishwasher conked out, then the microwave oven, and now the stove is acting up. And, I, like you, am keeping my fingers crossed hoping that the washer and dryer keep working for a while.

As far as the TV, I'm not an expert, but I've been told that plasma is an older technology and LCD is the way to go. It doesn't matter, the moment you buy it, it will become obsolete within a month!