Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last Saturday, we left for a short road trip. Well, not that short, almost 5 hours to get there!

2. I used my ipad for the first time in the car - took a few photos on the way down!

3.  We were going to see some University buddies of Ben for the weekend. The party was in a small town called Ste-Aurélie.  Many many little hills to get there!

4. We brought our tent, as we were not sure there would be enough beds for everyone. Good thing we did bring the tent because I think we would have slept on the floor!

5. Only problem we had... our mattress deflated slowly during the night. We woke up to an almost deflated mattress! Not very comfy!

6. I got to swim in a beautiful "cold" lake. Brrrrr! But since it was hot and humid on Saturday - it felt great!!

7. Every lunch hour, I go through Eaton Centre, which is a big shopping centre near work. I noticed these last week.  So cool - thousands and thousands of empty water bottles!




8. During one of my morning walks, saw that there was a new photo exhibition on McGill College Avenue. Didn't get to see them all as I was in a hurry, but will go back to check them out!



9. Didn't get to run much this week. I ran once last week and this morning. I usually run on the weekend at least one time but didn't get to do it this time as we were away. Did go to the gym 3 times last week though!

10.  WW:  Stayed about the same - gained .2 - not bad considering what I ate this weekend ;) I asked Ben to take a photo of me in my workout gear - I'm glad - I almost look slim!! ;)


Nicki said...

First - you look great. The water bottle art is so cool and good for you to venture out with pictures on an ipad - only our iphones.

Amanda said...

What a wonderful way to recycle water bottles! Do they have an actual count? Also I agree with Nicki, you look great.

Yesterday's shots from Monkhead Avenue were so colorful. That really looks like a fun place!

pat said...

No "almost" about it--you look wonderful! And--I am IN LOVE with that water bottle art! That is one of the coolest things I've seen lately. Awesome!

Lauren Hartman said...

YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! The water bottles are very cool, I particularly like the "water lilies" one.

Yolanda said...

I agree with Nicki-- You look great! Love, love, love the waterbottle photos. What an interesting way to display them. I'm in love with your city and I've never been there!

Nancy said...

You DO look slim!!!!! I wouldn't worry about losing anymore, I think you look great!!!