Thursday, July 21, 2011

Someday my prince will come

I just love little frogs! And I always have that song in my head when I see one!!









pat said...

I love that last shot--looks like you caught him mid-croak. He sure is a photogenic little green dude.

Tracie said...

Little??! LOL! I'm sure he's a very nice froggy... great captures!

Barb C said...

Cool pictures! He looks like he's enjoying getting his photo taken.

SKC said...

Wonderful capture. I love the last one.

Jimmy said...

I love all of them!! Da*n, who would need a prince when you have this croaking beauty by your side?!

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Yolanda said...

Cool! Love his coloration! That 3rd shot is my favorite.

Angela2932 said...

So cute! I love the way you captured him in the 2nd photo, peeking up from the water. I'm afraid Ruby would see him as a fun squeaky toy.

Suzy said...

Wow these are amazing! I've never seen a frog out in the wild like that. I loove the ones of his head sticking out of the water. Awesome! And btw, thank you for your sweet comment on my kids smiles. You made my day :)..