Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's been a couple of weeks. I was asked by friends where were my Ten on Tuesday. So by popular demand, Ten on Tuesday today!

2. Finally did it. Couldn't wait any longer. Decided I deserved it. Can you guess what I bought?  I finally bought an Ipad!! and I LOVE it!!

3. Of course, with the Ipad, got some neat aps - and since I can take photos with the Ipad - love the Hipstamatic ap!!

4. First time eating outside last Saturday night - was a perfect day! First time making some pizza on the BBQ too! We loved it!


5. What you do is you grill the dough a bit on one side and then you flip it and then you add a bit of sauce and the toppings you like.  Delicious!


6. Last Thursday went for a walk to Lac St-Louis to see the Zumba classes they give outside.  It was packed!!



7. Was the Montreal Grand Prix a couple of weekends ago. So many hot cars in Downtown Montreal!!


8. I have been jogging 2-3 times a week. Love running outside!! Try to do my 5 kms in less than 30 minutes (which I manage most of the time). Even managed to do a 6km last Sunday in about 37 minutes!

9. Peonies from my garden. So pretty!


10. WW - same story - up a pound, down 1/2 pound, up a 1/4 pound, down a pound... At least I am stable!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hooray!!!! thanks for bringing back 10 on Tuesday!
Always enjoy your blog but 10 on Tuesday is my fave!!!

pat said...

Oooh, that first shot with all that awesome flare is all about grilling and summer. Wonderful! Congrats on the iPad!

Amanda said...

Those Zumba shots are motivating, as are your 5k runs. I need to get moving ;)

SKC said...

Fab photos.

Yolanda said...

Love that first shot-- it screams summer!