Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I should really work on my Ten on Tuesday on Sunday when I have a bit more time to write and remember what I did in the last week!!

2. After many weeks of rain, we have finally found the sun again! Feels so good to feel the warmth of the sun and to see all that light!

3. Having all that rain was bad for a lot of cities that are near lakes or rivers, but was good for the flowers and nature. Didn’t help my lawn that is full of weeds though!


4. My lilac is in full bloom – it smells so nice! Forgot to take some photos - will post some soon!

5. Went running a couple of times outside in the last few weeks. Still struggle to keep the pace and I don’t even try to follow Ben – he’s many many blocks in front of me! But I still enjoy the change of scenery which I don’t get on the treadmill!
6. I have been listening to a lot of “Run the World (Girls)” from Beyonce while running – great beat to move!

7. Every Thursday, they are giving Zumba classes outside near home – I am hoping it will be nice next Thursday – I so want to go!

8. I bought myself a Pandora bracelet during our long weekend in Ogunquit. Can you guess what my first charm is?... Can you? A cupcake, of course. I will take of photo soon! :)

9.  Last Sunday, we wanted to go for a walk at the Montreal Botanical Garden - got there and there were so many people, they had a special exhibit so we didn't get to go in :( Hopefully soon we will get to walk around!


10.  Still doing WW - still a struggle - especially during the weekends. I have gained and lost and am still about at the same weight but at least I am maintaining! :)

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Margaret said...

I always love reading your Ten on Tuesday! Your shots of the dandelions are fabulous!