Monday, May 16, 2011

Quebec Churches

A couple of the churches we got to see during our walks.

Not a church - but loved all the details on this building!






Heather Taylor Photography said...

Wow, these are so amazing! I really love #2!

Nicki said...

I love steeples and these are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That second one is amazing. All the texture is so cool, and you always capture that so well. You also have a knack for standing in the perfect spot. That last one is just awesome with it's sense of place. That whole courtyard area / feel that you captured by standing there and having the semi circle steps come into the frame there. Your eye for these things is amazing! I know you might say that you didn't plan that, but you must have seen something to cause you to stand there. Amazingly cool! Thanks for sharing these!

Krystle said...

These are awesome! Especially the second one. Your perspective is spot on, and your processing is yummy.

SKC said...

oh gorgeous shots.