Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm about to have a nervous breakdown because of Grizzly. She just moews all the time - non stop!!! She only stops when she takes a snooze. Ben told me she cries for 10 minutes when I leave in the morning. What am I going to do with her??!!
Kitty Kat

2. Walking downtown is quite a challenge these days. The weather is nice so there are people everywhere!Crowd 2

Crowd 1

3. Spring is here - tulips are starting to grow! Yeah!!!


Spring flowers

4. Spring is here - pigeons are back (not that they really left during Winter - but I noticed them more this week!).

5. Spring is back - I can go back to my walking near Lac St-Louis. I just love to walk up the pier and see the red lighthouse!
Lachine Lighthouse

6. Went for my first run outside last Sunday. It was 18C - and I ran in a long sleeved shirt and yoga pants. Ran for 30 minutes. Never thought I would say this... but I love to run!! :)

7.  Discovered a few months ago bloglovin. It's a great way to have all the updates of my favorite blogs. I just love it! You have got to try it!

8.  Started watching friday-night-lights on my itouch. Not a huge fan of football - but after watching 3 shows, I am starting to enjoy the show!

9.  Any other good shows I should check out after Friday Night Lights?

10.  My income tax forms have been sent to both the Quebec and Canadian governments. I feel so relieved when they are done and sent! I used to do them myself for many many years, but the last few years I have used an accountant to make them - much much easier!!


Margaret said...

Love your 10 on Tuesday! Maybe your kitty meows so much because she has spring fever! It's so fun to see those tulips getting ready to bloom. Hooray for spring!

Maria said...

I love the concept of ten on Tuesday! Great way to list the top things on your mind that week! Please let us know if you ever figure out why your cat is meowing so much. I'm with Margaret: Hurray for spring!