Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It was the most beautiful weekend! Sun was out and it is getting a bit warmer.  Sunday afternoon, went for a nice walk on Mont-Royal Street - one of my fave streets in Montreal. Full of shops, restaurants and people!!  Gotta go back soon!
Sunny Saturday on Mt-Royal Avenue

2.  I want to participate in Flickr's 2011 Peep-Off.  I already got my Peeps!


3.  Never heard of Peeps until last year... It's not a bit trend here in Montreal. Can't find them everywhere...

4.  Will maybe post tomorrow my first Peep display.  Got a few ideas already!

5.  Took a lot of photos last weekend.  I didn't get to finish Week 2 of my course - but with the nice weather, it shouldn't be too hard.  The good thing though is that I take all my photos in manual mode now!!

6.  Weight Watchers weigh-in today. A bit discouraged (again!), gained .2 pounds. Told the leader I was fed up and wasn't coming back and she didn't take me seriously.  Wish she would have taken a few minutes to talk to me...

7.  Cathy Zielske's post - here - really hit home for me.  Here's an excerpt:  "Well for starters, I turned 45 last month and I made a critical and conscious decision in my life: it’s time to stop hating my body. I have spent years thinking the only valid me is a thinner me, and as much as being a permanent size 8 woman appeals to me, it says absolutely nothing about who I really am." So true. I got to start thinking this way!

8.  Starting watching on my itouch the movie Black Swan. Heard great things about the movie and enjoyed watching part of it this morning on the stairmaster!

9.  Last Saturday, tried this exercise dvd:
The Firm
Didn't find it too hard... but my muscles were aching the next day.  Guess it is a good sign! 

10.  Didn't think I would find 10 things to write about today... But I did!! :)


Nicki said...

Good for sticking to Manual - you'll find it hard to go back to pre-set modes - at least I do, I get frustrated. You are absolutely right about finding peace with our own bodies. I am NOT happy with my current health/weight and must do something more than diet. But I decided I'm ok with never fitting back in the sizes I wore in my 20s - I just want to feel healthier.

Margaret said...

Your shots of Montreal are always so gorgeous. I really need to visit sometime. Love all your honest, thought-provoking thoughts, as well. Good luck with the Peeps! I always enjoy seeing the creative things people come up with.

Anglo said...

As I and others have told you in the past, you're beautiful on the inside and on the outside however your inner self will always shine through....no matter if you're .2 pounds more or less. Be happy with who you are - not what you are.

SKC said...

Oh I love Peeps. I am an American in the UK and they don't do them here .. must see if I can get a family member to send me some so I can participate in the peep off.