Sunday, April 10, 2011

Illuminated Crowd

I have taken photos before of the "Illuminated Crowd". Worked in the building behind this statue for many years. Raymond Mason created this sculpture. There are 65 figures in total in that sculpture.

First time taking photos of this sculpture in manual mode, though!! :)







Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

WTG in manual. The WB looks really good.

Angela2932 said...

Very nice in manual! And look how great it is for capturing all of that nice detail! That would be very tough to do in auto mode, where you are just at the mercy of the camera! Now you can control it more, even shooting something all white-ish like this, and getting good detail rather than blow-outs.

Very cool sculpture!

Suzy said...

These are fantastic! So clear and crisp. Love these and all the details to!

Margaret said...

Great job with manual. I remember when you posted shots of that crowd before. Such interesting details! Very nice job!