Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I see so many homeless people on my way to work. Some of them open the doors for you to get some change, some of them just ask for money to eat and some of them even make little signs. I found this little sign on a bench last week.

A Penny for a Smile

2. I wish I could help these homeless people but there are so many – I often give them muffins on my way to work on Monday – that’s my way of giving.

3. The weekend started with a fall. I fell on my way home Friday night – I was walking through the park after work and I hit a patch of black ice. I managed to stop myself from falling, but I twisted my ankle a bit. I put some ice as soon as I got home.

4. Went to see my osteopath on Sunday who confirmed that I had a small sprain to my right ankle. She helped a lot because as of yesterday, I am almost pain free! She did suggest to wait a few days before going to the gym though...

5. As I needed to give my ankle a rest, I tried for the first time P90X. Did the abdominal dvd (which is only 15 minutes). I thought to myself, 15 minutes, I can do this… It was the longest 15 minutes!! I can only imagine how hard the other dvds of P90X are! I am in pain every time I laugh now!!!

P90X Abs

6. I am challenging myself to do this dvd or another abs dvd once a week until the Summer. Not that I am hoping to get into a bikini…!

7. Saturday, we had our first BBQ of the season! As you can see, there was still some snow on the ground – but we were in the mood for burgers!! Even though we ate them inside – they were sooooo good!

1st bbq of the Spring
8. I started working on Week 2 of MLK’s photography class. One of the assignment is to find color – pretty hard to find when Spring hasn’t started and there is no green nor flowers!

9. Went for a short walk yesterday morning before work (since I couldn’t go to the gym) to try to find some color – managed to find a few things but was frozen by the time I got back inside – brrrrrr!

10. Tuesday is Weight Watchers weigh-in day. Gained a little less than half a pound (.4). Not happy about it but all I can do is try to do better next week!


Nicki said...

I recently saw an ad for the P90X (I believe) - looks like an intense program - but a bit pricey. Sorry about the sprain, but all things considered, it could have been worse and gives you an excuse to focus on a different work out. I understand that changing it up actually tricks the body and results in greater weight loss.

You are a kind person to share muffins with the homeless - far better than a penny for a smile.

Margaret said...

Wow! What a list of things you've been doing. Hope your ankle feels better soon. I know a few people doing P90X. Sounds pretty intense. I think you're kind to share your muffins, too. :)

Angela2932 said...

Ouch about the ankle! Hope you heal fast! I have no idea what a P90X is! I'm going to google it after this. . . . First I thought it was a new camera, then a computer, then a workout video????

We're hoping to have burgers on our grill this weekend too! The heck with winter!

Leilani said...

Sorry about your ankle! I remember when we had pretty bad ice back in December. I fell over in the exact same spot 3 times on my way home from school. Luckily I was OK but you would think I would learn eh?!

Mmmmmm burgers... drool. They always taste so much better on the BBQ. I am still in the process of persuading my parents to buy a BBQ.... it isn't working...lol

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

There is NO WAY I could do 15 minutes of abs at a time! When I moved to the city people always told me not to give to the homeless because they would just spend it on alcohol. But one time a guy asked me for change and I didn't have any. I said, "I don't have change, but do you want these two beers?" I showed him two unopened bottles I happened to have with me and he said, "No thanks. I don't drink."

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh and I'm sorry about your ankle! Definitely makes it harder to work out. :-(