Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. The sun is shining today. Everything looks better when the sun is shining!! And it will help melt the snow! Yeah!

2. Started Weight Watchers at work again today. I used to go to the WW offices, but it is cheaper when they come to our offices. I am hoping that this will motivate me to lose the last 10 pounds!!

3. The change of time made me sleep in yesterday morning. Missed my step class, got up at 6 instead of 5... So today, ran on the treadmill for 3 kms (in less than 20 minutes) and did 20 minutes of stairmaster.

4. Had a great weekend. We celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday. Had a ball dancing on old hits and they even had karaoke (which I didn't do - didn't want everyone to leave!). Loved dancing with my dear dad!!
Disco Ball

5. Took tons of pictures at the party. Will try to post a few soon - if my brother and sister in law gives me permission, of course! It was a real dark room though, so I had to use my (gasp) flash!

6.  Got another order at work for some cupcakes for a cute little 6 year old girl.  Of course, they were pink with lots of sprinkles!
Princess Cupcakes

Princess Cupcakes

7. Tried to do a self-portrait in a mirror.  Can't seem to nail the focus.  Any tips? moi

8. I am starting to see my bbq through the snow.  There is hope that we will be grilling some meat and veggies before the end of ... April?!

9. I want an ipad... I know I don't "need" one, but I "want" one.  I am trying to be reasonable but it's real hard!!

10. Started watching Nurse Jackie on my ipod - already watched 3 shows and loved it!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh those look yummy! I'm still waiting to sleep in from the time change, but I'm on vacation, so hopefully it will happen. I've always wanted to try karaoke, but never have. Very nice on the self portrait! I don't know about the focus, but it is a nice shot!

Samantha said...

In no particular order... Nobody NEEDS an iPad. But they sure are fun and useful (said the woman as she typed on hers). Good luck with the WW at work! I've never been as successful with WW as I was when I did that program. Those cupcakes look YUMMY! Can't help you with the focus on the self-portrait, but I like the shot! And Nurse Jsckie is awesome! I can't wait for the new season to start!!

Vera said...

I love the disco ball pic! As for self-portrait focus, I could never get good focus in a mirror. Lots of trial and error.

Maria said...

I have to say, Celine, that you look more fabulous every time I see a new picture of you! You go girl! I also loved the pink cupcakes . . . so cute!

Suzy said...

Nice captures! My bro is a computer tech and told me about the Archos 70 internet tablet with a 250 gig hard drive (only $340). It has flash, android based so all the aplications, market, camera and much more the ipad doesn't offer. Check it out.. Ramble over he he..

Leilani said...

I want an iMac.. I don't one but I sure do want one!

I gave up on self-portraits, I never could nail the focus... my hand isn't very steady!