Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Winter is not over, we got another 25cm of snow yesterday. I had the joy of shoveling Monday night after work.

2. I had to shovel, because Ben was on his way to Toronto…but, because of the snow, he was stuck in the airport for more than 5 hours! Guess I was lucky to be shoveling!

3. On my way home from work yesterday, I saw a guy in the metro (subway) in shorts and sandals. Wonder where he was going…

4. Sunday, at the gym, I ran another 5 km (that’s about 3 miles) in a little less than 31 minutes. I still can’t believe that I can run!!

5. I have decided to join Weight Watchers at work. Should be starting next week. At the very least it will be a fun lunch with coworkers. With a bit of luck I will lose a few pounds as a bonus!

6. I haven’t scrapbooked in a while. I miss it but just don’t have the energy right now. I have made some cards for friends though.

carte gizzell

7. I love my 50mm. It has been on my camera for the last couple of weeks – since I started my photography course. I have a gift certificate for a camera store – wonder which lens I will get next…

8. It’s Tuesday, and Tuesday night I love watching Biggest Loser with a big bag of popcorn.

9. Just downloaded on my itouch the latest song from Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor – great song for my running!

10. My cat drives me crazy. She follows me everywhere and cries all the time. And now she started to climb on my computer to sleep. What’s up with that??

Laptop Cat

Laptop Cat


Alison Shuman Masis said...

Love your list!

We all need to chant "No more SNOW!".

Cats are like kids - they want to be on, sit on, or play with whatever WE most want to turn our attention to!

Nicki said...

How cool that you will have WW at work! Great job on continuing with the running (I did that when I was in my 20s - now I only do it when I have to get a short distance fast...well, faster than if I walked). And as for kitty on the computer; I just had to delete a series of oooooooooos because my cat WANTS attention and figures if he blocks the screen he'll get what he wants. bad kitty!

Leilani said...

I am jealous of your running skills! I can barely run up the stairs without needing a lay down!
Sorry about the snow! I can't even imagine having that much over here!