Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let It Snow

It is snowing hard today - the skies are grey and it's real windy. Not a great day to be outside. That's why these photos are ones I took last week when it was snowing but not as hard!! ;)





Sara said...

I really adore that first shot. Beautiful!!

pat said...

Ahhhhh---lighthouses are a favorite of mine, especially winter shots. Kudos for getting out in the snow and cold. It was worth it!

Teri/Scraptag said...

Man! Those pictures are crazy incredible! How cool is it to get lighthouses with SNOW on them? And your shots are great.

Janett said...

I love these, I love your processing, I love everything! Especially that first one, you should print that one big!

annabelle g said...

Love the pp of that first shot. Stay warm :)

HLIP said...

Very interesting shots. I wanted to study them. The colors are the shades I want in my master bedroom.