Sunday, January 2, 2011


Thought long and hard if I should take any resolutions.  Decided I would try my best at everything I do and focus more.

On my focus list:

- stop gaining and losing the same two pounds - focus on losing for good;

- write down what I eat - count my points (Weight Watchers);

- run 5 kms (am able to I run about 3-4 right now);

- continue my healthy eating;

- go to the gym 5-6 times a week  (I usually go 4-5) or walk outside when weather permits;

- play more with my camera (I play with AV - want to go full manual);

- learn more tricks on Photoshop;

- spend more time with my family and friends;

- and so much more! :)

1er janvier 2011


HLIP said...

Focus is on my list of possibilities also. I still haven't comitted. Yes, it's a problem.

I started shooting only manual when I got my 40D several years ago. Now I'm trying to go the other way & shoot in AV or auto sometimes. Seriously - whatever gets you the shot at the momment is what matters. I have a really hard time giving up control now.

There's always something!

Samantha said...

I like your focus list. It actually looks a lot like mine (right down to the playing with AV - LOL!). Happy New Year!

janett said...

Beautiful picture of you! I love your list, good luck!

cari said...

Our lists are very similar! Gee, I may have to start my biggest loser posts again that seemed to help me lose and not gain the same couple of pounds! What a great picture of you.

pakosta said...

great shot of yoU!
I have a similar goal with working out, eating healthy, want to run 6 miles at once , lose 30lbs though!

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

Focus is a great way to look at the things you want to accomplish. Nice to "See" you.

Cathi Green said...

Lovely shot of you! Your list is great, can't wait to see your all manual shots!

Margaret said...

Sounds like you have quite a good list of resolutions. Good luck with all of them! I'm impressed with your fitness goals. I need to stick to mine better this year, too!

Steph said...

Great to see you!! I LOVE your header pic on your blog. I am looking forward to enjoying more of your beautiful pictures this year!!

Jason said...

Focus is so tough... great shot

Angela2932 said...

Very nice self-portrait and good to see you :) I 've been shooting manual for several years now, and am trying to make myself occasionally shoot in aperture or shutter priority! I guess it really is just best to have the full range of tools available for us! Was this shot in manual?

Anonymous said...

Your focus list sounds daunting but I know you can do it!!!
Just remember that your friends will always be there for you!!!!