Sunday, January 30, 2011

Burlington Buildings

Last weekend, Ben invited me for a long weekend in Burlington, Vermont. Love this little town! and I love the shopping that I can do there!! :)  We had a nice weekend filled with relaxing, nice meals and some shopping!

Here's the City Hall
Burlington City Hall

a funky old building
Grungy Building

Beautiful old church
Burlington Church


HLIP said...

I love that window in the church and the funky old building. I could spend all day walking around taking photos of stuff like this.

joscelyne cutchens said...

i love taking pictures of buildings. super cool :)

Suzy said...

Love that funky old building and church! Texture, texture everywhere around you.. Your in texture heaven!

--sme said...

I LOVE the church shot!!! It just screams New England!

Margaret said...

What a fun getaway. Those buildings are so picturesque.

annabelle g said...

Love them esp the old church, makes me want to see inside :)