Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wish I could take another long weekend off

December already and I have bought only a couple of Christmas gifts. My house is barely decorated for Christmas.  Will I make it on time for the 25th?!!

Also, I am tired (must be the weather and the lack of sun) and I wish I could take a long weekend again!

Here's a few more shots from our last long weekend in Burlington!
Peace Sign

Wonderful Life sign

Old Building

Cute Little Building


Nicki said...

Adore the chalk signs and that cafe looks so inviting. I hear ya on the struggling to get the Christmas action going - but it'll happen. :)

Maria said...

O.K. You are making me nervous! I don't have ANY Christmas presents bought yet! I also go through this anxiety every year as I wonder if I'll get it all done by December 25th. It always does, of course, or if it doesn't by then I'm so tired, I don't care enough to worry about it. I hope you catch up on your rest so you can enjoy the rest of the season.

pookiepea said...

This year Christmas does seem to have us all a little behind it seems, maybe we are subconsciously rebelling from all the stores starting sooo early. At least you used your time to get some beautiful photographs that will be remembered long after most of the gifts are opened.

Suzy said...

Love that first building! And great shots of the signs to. I'm so ready for Christmas this year - which is oddly weird for me lol.

Cathi Green said...

Those signs are really cute! Did you stop at that little cafe/deli? It looks cute, like a little hideaway place that would have excellent food!

Yolanda said...

Great chalk board signs. Burlington Vermont looks like a gorgeous city!

pat said...

Love that first building with the semi-turrets! And have to smile at the Life Is Good dude and his snowshoes. Don't worry about the preparations--Christmas is still Christmas, even if all the cookies don't get baked.