Monday, October 18, 2010

Old Quebec

Vieux Quebec - Old Quebec - Love everything about it!!  Except maybe when it's crowded on a Saturday afternoon!!

Old Street


colourful building


narrow street

narrow street

Place Royale


Angela2932 said...

I absolutely love your perspective in the first shot!

Beth said...

The mural is awesome! What a cool place. I'd love to pick a spot and pretend to read a book so
I could people watch.

Maria said...

Québec feels so European that it's hard to believe that it's in North America! We visited there when my son was about 18 months old and we loved it, too!

Your pictures are bringing back so many memories! Beautiful!

Nicki said...

Gorgeous. I agree with Maria - it does have a European feel to it - and that mural, and the cobblestone streets, ohhh so beautiful!

pookiepea said...

OK This setttles it for me, my next vacation is to Canada! Maria is right about it looking very European. Great job1