Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 7 Part 2 - Manteo and Roanoke Island

After spending a couple of hours at the Wright Memorial Park, we went back to relax a bit and enjoy the beach one last time.


I miss this view so much!!
Beach Toes

Then, we decided to explore a bit and went to visit Roanoke Island and Manteo - beautiful places with lots of restaurants and nice little shops!

Roanoke Island

You can even do a pirate tour!












Not sure why there was a "no parking" sign on this bench...


On our way back, asked Ben to stop here for a quick shot of this restaurant sign.  I laughed every time we drove by!!
Funny Sign


pat said...

What a cool place! I love the beach view, too.... That large lighthouse shot is wonderful, but then, I am a sucker for lighthouses. Love the Royalty shop--looks like a face! That bow tie shot is clever--what a cool way to display those. And Bob's Grill sure tells it like it is. Wonder what their service is like?

Nicki, said...

Beautiful location and I love all the signs. I'm with Pat, the tie shot is very clever.

janett said...

So cool! I especially love that pirate ship! And I cracked up at that Bob's Grill! Ha!

Esther said...

Oh that beach looks so warm! (key word, WARM!) We have tons of beach here, but none that look this inviting. :) And I do have a thing about red doors. I would love to do a shoot in front of that pair at the Royalty salon. It's perfect.

Maria said...

Ahh . . . the beach! Ahh! . . . Cute nail polish, too!

KRISTIE said...

i love your pictures so much. I never get to travel, and seeing your pictures helps me see the world

Margaret said...

That looks like such an amazing, relaxing place to visit. I laughed at that sign in the last shot. Too funny. Love all the other shots of the shops, too....and of course the sand and sea. I never tire of beach pictures!

Angela2932 said...

So many fun things to photograph and look at! I hope you had a great time on your trip. And that sign is so funny! Who would actually have that made for their store????????