Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 6 - Relaxing Day

Day 6 of our vacation was spent reading, walking on the beach and relaxing.  The weather was a bit grey - but at least the humidity had left!!

Not sure what these are - but they were pretty!
Macro Flowers

Bugs Bunny - we saw him every day on the way to the beach!

Stormy Beach
Stormy Beach

A poor fish that I saved ... threw him back in the ocean!
Camouflage fish

Grey Fishermen

Got a bit better at the end of the morning...

Feet in the Ocean

But then the clouds came back!
Stormy Beach


Samantha said...

What lovely pictures! There's something so serene about beach pictures in less-than-perfect weather. And I love the first shot. That must be where golf balls grow!

pat said...

I'm with Samantha--my first thought was baby golf balls!! :-D I love the footprints in the sand shot; have you cropped it so the people aren't in the photo, and you just have that line of footprints?

Nicki, said...

Interesting plant, and fish, and well... the weather is fairly predictable when it comes to the beach this time of year. Lovely foot print shots.

Margaret said...

Fun shots. I always love beach shots. That plant looks like those non-pareil things, not sure if that's how to spell it....that have chocolate on the inside. I like Pat's guess that they are mini golf balls, too. The footprint shot is great, too!

Beth said...

I think that plant looks like baby snowballs :) I always take a photo of my feet at the beach, too.

Yolanda said...

I don't know what that first plant is but it's really cool. Glad you saved that poor flounder! Great photos. It looks like it was a very relxing vacation.