Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 1

For those that tried to guess where we went on vacation.... (drum roll)....

We spent 7 days in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and 2 days in Philadelphia.  A wonderful 10-day vacation!

It was a real road trip - 9 hours to get to Delaware where we slept the first night. And then another long day to get to Kitty Hawk (never knew there could be so much traffic to get to the beach!!)

Road Trip

This is me after many many hours in the car!! ;)

When we got to our rental home - we went for a walk and I saw this cute sign in front of a house:
Yellow Brick Road

and this is me again after a nice shower and a sip of beer!

and the elusive Mr. Ben... :)

Day 2 tomorrow!


Maria said...

Celine, you are so photogenic! I like both pictures of you! I'm so glad you had a nice vacation!

Nicki, said...

Love the Yellow Brick House equip with ruby slippers. You guys look pretty good after that trip. I'd be looking for new glass if I attempted to take a self-pic after a long drive. Can you say 'raccoon eyes'?!?!

Suzy said...

You sure are photogenic! Love these. That yellow brick road is awesome. Were the shoes nailed down there?

Kerry said...

I love your "self portraits"! Hoping to see more vacation pictures.

Angela2932 said...

Great shots, and wonderful self-portrait! The yellow brick road is so cute! I hope you had a great time!